About Mon Bazar

Let me tell you a short story about me and my shop
I was born in Belgium in the little town “Sinaai”. I studied in Antwerp and moved to Holland when I was 26. During my youth, I had a passion for old and recycled products. I loved to collect them with my father especially when they were left on the street and in old houses.

In the year 2000, I moved to Holland and did various jobs from store manager till customer service in retail and chemical company’s.

Due to a dismissal in 2013, I followed my passion and I raised “Mon Bazar”.

The word “Bazar” was used in French and Flemish at my parents home for everything which was waste. That’s how I came up with the company name “Mon Bazar” ( My Waste). I sold my first recycled furniture and interior Fairtrade deco objects initially on markets and fairs. I created the website www.monbazar.nl for supporting my business.

Why African baskets and beautiful cotton rugs

In 2018, I stopped the handcraft and set up the web shop on which I could focus myself more on selling the beautiful Fairtrade woven products from Senegal.

The customers were very enthusiastic and I expanded the variety of the products but all with the idea to sell only sustainable and re-used products which are produced in a human friendly way.

Belgian customers also start finding my products on google and now French interior addicts start to order the beautiful baskets and plastic colorful deco of Senegal. I can also assist you in French language if that is easier for you.

You help out the economy in Senegal as the people still need a lot of financial support and there is still a disbalance in opportunities for young people out of the Senegalese Government.

I want to thank you already to have visited the web shop ! And join us on Facebook “Mon Bazar” J

Els from Mon Bazar.