Last Friday a new container from Senegal arrived in Amsterdam. The container from Senegal, loaded with beautiful wicker handmade baskets, straight from Dakar. For the 2nd time I was able to be there when it opened. Then I can select the most beautiful baskets myself for! Abdou, the owner, has been a loyal friend of mine for 5 years. He keeps me faithfully informed as soon as he enters port. With 4 manpower, it takes them a whole day to get everything out of the container. That also happens in Senegal when loading, but they have more extra hands there. You can calculate how many human hands are needed to bring a completely finished handmade basket to you as a customer. Perhaps this explains why the baskets are quite pricey.

It’s always a surprise what’s in the container. Of course the standard bestsellers: white laundry baskets, white storage baskets, white wicker dishes, etc. In addition, there are also real gems. Beautiful traditional snake baskets with enchanting designs and colors.